Pass Your Test With Us

We provide a comprehensive & varied range of services – all of which are detailed below. We will always be as flexible as possible & if you would like a service you do not find details of, please call us on 0845 190 2012 / 0845 190 2012 or email & we will see what we can do to accommodate you.

Learn to drive and pass your test in a Manual or an Automatic car

We can provide driving lessons for you in either a car with manual or an automatic gearbox. Whichever is your preference? Our standard lessons will be for either 1 or 2 hours but we can accommodate different periods if required.

Intensive Courses

We have an intensive course of lessons that has been designed to help you pass your test in the shortest possible period of time.

Overseas Drivers

Lessons for overseas drivers needing to obtain a full UK Driving Licence. Let us prepare you for the UK driving test.

Mock Practical Tests

Our mock practical tests are available for both our pupils & pupils from other driving schools. Our top quality driving instructors will assess your driving under strict test conditions & will provide you with feedback that may prove all important on the big day.

Motorway Tuition

Our motorway tuition will allow you to develop the skills that you need to excel at driving on our unique network of motorways

Refresher Training

Our refresher training will help you to keep your driving skills up to date.

Pass Plus

This course was designed by the DSA to allow newly qualified drivers to enhance their driving skills. The lessons covered in this course will cover situations you may not have encountered during your previous lessons. This will help you to become prepared for any risks you may encounter whilst driving.

Some insurance companies are offering a discount of up to 30% off the first year’s premium to those who have completed Pass Plus. For more information on Pass Plus, visit –

Under 17 Lessons

Ideal for young drivers looking to pass their test as soon as possible.

Taxi Test

Lessons to help you prepare for your Taxi Test.

Trailer Training

Specialist driving lessons for drivers who wish to learn to tow trailers in the safest possible way.


Our highly qualified driving instructors are perfectly positioned to conduct Driving Instructor Training.

Black Cab Training

Our training for black cab drivers is second to none and offers a drivers unique insight and specialist skills required to drive a taxi in and around the London area.

Fleet Driver Training

Our fleet driver training is a must for drivers who drive a wide variety of vehicles for a living on a regular basis.

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