Pass Plus Walton & Hersham

Pass Plus WaltonSurrey Driving Force offer Pass Plus courses in both Walton and Hersham.

Pass Plus is a course that has been designed by the DSA to enhance the driving skills of newly qualified drivers.

Because of the benefits that you will gain through enhancing your driving skills & through the potential reductions in insurance premium, we strongly recommend to all of our newly qualified drivers taking Pass Plus course in Walton or Hersham.

Improved Road Safety & Hazard Perception

Statistics show that drivers with less than 2 years experience are more likely to be involved in an accident than more experienced drivers.

Pass Plus is an established training course that has been designed to help enhance the skills of newly qualified drivers to a stage where this risk is substantially reduced.

Undertaking a Pass Plus in Walton will help you to build on your existing skills by presenting you with situations & conditions that you will not previously have encountered during your standard driving lessons. You will learn how to better anticipate, plan for & deal with a range of potential hazards. These new skills will help you to become a more confident & skilled driver.

A Considerable Discount On Your First Year’s Insurance

By successfully completing a Pass Plus course, participating insurers will offer you a discount of up to 30% on your first year’s car insurance premium.

Pass Plus Course Prices

For Surrey Driving Force’s complete price list, including the prices for Pass Plus Walton, please visit the prices page on our main site here.

Offering Pass Plus Courses In Walton

As well as Walton and Hersham, our Pass Plus courses are available throughout Surrey & Middlesex

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To book a Pass Plus course in Walton or Hersham, give us a call on 0845 190 2012, text LESSONS to 81066, or email us at
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